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VLAdiLA’s new collection, Poema Romana

The Poema Romana collection graphically captures the constantly-evolving, powerful and amazing spirit of the Romanian People. It starts, brave and fluid, as a journey back in time. We drove to ancient lands, where the real and the mythical are intertwined, where life and death dance together. Our creations masterfully combine the same eternal elements, bringing together the old and the new, the abstract and the tangible, the traditional and the modern. The roots of creation, stuck deep in the earth beneath us, encouraged us to explore the cultural legacy passed down from generation to generation. In other words, tradition, in all its forms, lies at the heart of our new wallpaper collection.


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VLAdiLA Custom Wallpaper

Art Deco Collection

Art Deco first appeared in the 1920s as a style of decorative arts that talks about nonconformity, emancipation and technological development. VLAdiLA’s designers have outlined the exuberance of the style, creating wallpapers that are vibrant and bold, with added metallic accents like chrome, gold and silver. The Art Deco collection creates a luxurious and elegant atmosphere in any type of interior design.

VLAdiLA Custom Wallpaper

Ambiance Collection

Ambiance is characterized by fine brushworks and bold, colorful accents. Our designers have played with light and shadow and mixed various textures to create a decor that is infused with movement and depth.

Custom Wallpaper for kids

VLAdiLA Kids

VLAdiLA’s Kids collections combine different color palettes for a comprehensive and versatile series of wallpapers that transform any space into a fairytale.

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