Abstract pattern wallpaper

Abstract patterned wallpaper became very popular with the advent of the minimalist design style. Whether it’s for a home, café or office setting, abstract wallpaper brings that something to the room.

In addition, it is often the way the person using that room makes their mark and expresses their personality. It’s no secret that abstract style is generally adopted by people who love non-conformist design.

How to decorate the house with abstract wallpaper?

The first thing to consider is the size of the room, what it will be used for and how full it will be at the end with furniture. So you can choose the largest wall to decorate with wallpaper or if you already know how you will furnish, opt for the wall that will be more free.

If you opt for abstract bedroom wallpaper, you can put it on the wall with the bed or the wall in front of the bed. However, keep in mind that a correct visual balance would imply that when you have a loaded wall, the parallel wall should be simpler, but not completely empty.

For the bathroom, most often, special wall designs are used in the shower or bathtub area. However, if you don’t want to risk the wallpaper deteriorating quickly, you can opt to put it on the open wall where you have shelves or pegs.

For the kitchen, it is recommended not to hang it if it is small. If you have a generous kitchen instead, then abstract wallpaper can be placed next to the dining area.

As for restaurants, cafes or office spaces, here you can enjoy more freedom and be even more creative.

Why choose abstract wallpaper from VLAdiLA?

VLAdiLA wallpaper designs are not only modern, they are a transposition of feelings and inspiration through art. All designs are created with great care and passion for beauty.

In addition, the creative process differs depending on the design, using modern techniques such as digital spreadsheets and the highest quality materials.

Another advantage is that you can find different designs that are part of special collections and themes. Also, if you have your own idea, we can make the custom wallpaper you want.

We want the manufacturing process and the final product to be as good as possible, which is why we use ink and other environmentally friendly backing materials.

Last but not least, we offer a complete experience through professional fitting services. So if you just want to enjoy the final effect, we’ll take care of the creative, production and editing.

Abstract style products

Abstract style can be expressed through wallpaper with geometric patterns, human figures, lines or undefined silhouettes. Precisely because the models are numerous and interesting, we have made a selection of products that you might like. Discover them and choose your favourite model!