Your story comes true with a personalised wallpaper

Decorating with custom wallpaper is a different world of interior design. Here, in this magical universe, everything can be built or deconstructed. It’s a world built on ideas, born from the intertwining of imagination and inspiration, nourished by big, bold dreams. Here you are the spark, the dreamer, you are the one from whom the whole creative process starts. Then our role begins. Our experience and love of beauty drives us to design creations that achieve perfection, both in terms of the quality of the designs and the way in which they are tailored to our customers’ wishes. Custom wallpaper creates a bridge between you and the artist, between the idea and the final product. This is thanks to the designers, art graduates, architects and all our collaborators that we put at your disposal and who become reliable partners in making the perfect decor.

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Custom wallpaper: story, word, creation

Wallpaper, as a decorative element with infinite versatility, can be both a gateway to the interior and an accessible, always open gateway to the exterior. Custom wallpaper is exactly the creative space where the two worlds meet. The client crosses our threshold and brings with him any desire, aspiration, dream or need he has regarding the space he wants to decorate.

Against the backdrop of an aromatic coffee, one of our designers comes to meet them, making the creative concept in the company of the client. Story, word, creation. This is how things happen in our House. The story starts from whatever it was that made him dream. Maybe it’s a wild jungle, with big, rich leaves, in the middle of which he was transported by a good book. Or a lush garden with a scene from your favourite movie playing in the background. Based on the (key) words provided, our designers bring the story to life in the form of a custom wallpaper.

Personalised wallpaper: the outline of your own dream

Some of our customers don’t always have a clear picture of which wallpaper model they want, but they know that VLAdiLA is the place to find answers to unspoken questions. That’s why sometimes the process of making custom tapestries starts with an unknown. An unwritten story that, thanks to our imaginative designers, becomes reality. Thus, by listening, feeling and visualising, we manage to capture glimpses of it, which we put together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. We put them through our own filter, based on artistic sensibility and love of beauty, and give the client a draft. Sketch of your own dream.

With delicate lines, drawn by sure and initiated hands, we outline the unknown. Minimalist accents give rise to designs that are either delicate or daring, complex in their simplicity. Custom wallpaper is also made according to the existing layout of the space and its utility. We consider the decorative details, furniture pieces and textures present, so that the wallpaper becomes an element designed to complete the whole ambience. In this way, the customer is able to give voice to their own story, to visualise fragments of the ambience that the model will create in their home. The end result demonstrates our designers’ ability to sketch the unknown and transform it into the perfect custom wallpaper.

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Custom wallpaper: the key to a perfect decor

Other times, customers visit us who know exactly what they want. The creative direction comes across as a story whose entire plot is well put together. The only missing element to complete the puzzle is the wallpaper. Our designers are given the task of creating creations that are art. They dress the walls in noble garments and recreate the luxury and refinement of yesteryear. Each surface is embellished with rich ornamentation, like real murals, giving the interiors a regal atmosphere. The personalised tapestries are handmade, our artists using classic drawing tools: paper, pencil, brushes and watercolours. The sumptuous colour palette is the final detail that makes personalised wallpaper the key to perfect decor.

Small custom wallpaper designers - wallpaper for children

We strongly believe that inspiration and creativity nestle in our being from the earliest years of life. Against the backdrop of an imagination that knows no bounds, they combine with the playful spirit of the little ones. Our passion for art has led us to think of ways we can involve them in our creative universe. And what better way to get them interested in design than by giving them a chance to decorate their own room? Thus, VLAdiLA provides them with a friendly and cheerful environment where they can become, for a day, small custom wallpaper designers. Come along with your child and our artists will put their imagination to the test. What favorite story takes him to faraway lands? Which characters are his playmates? What colours would she like to paint her dreams on the wall? Personalised wallpaper gives you the opportunity to transform a simple room into an enchanted fairy tale, where your little one is the main hero.

Dare to dream. Think of your space as a blank canvas, a place where any thought, feeling or experience becomes matter. Where anything is possible. The creative spark occurs in your mind, then a dot appears on the canvas. Primordial. Several dots search each other until they become lines. And lines give rise to contours. Warm, fluid, bold, contours become shapes. The canvas hosts graceful movements, a dance with familiar and always new steps, always others. The pencil is a catalyst for dreams, a creative wand and a channel of inspiration at the same time. The hand is the Creator. Time dilates and the canvas begins to vibrate with uneven pulsations. The brush gives her caressing colours, noble pigments bring her to life, fibre by fibre. In our wallpaper house you find the alchemy behind the creation. So we expect you to come to us with a story, a dream to sketch or an almost complete vision. Come up with your little one’s limitless wishes or personal images, mood pictures you want to turn into personalised wallpaper. We are waiting for you in our creative universe, where you are the spark. Where it all starts with you.

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Custom wallpaper

The VLAdiLA wallpaper house makes custom wallpaper, specially designed to fulfil even the most hidden wishes. The design created by you or our team of graphic artists will be unique and very personal. Describe your design idea and we’ll get back to you with a quote in a few days. The design request is free and without any obligation to buy.

Custom wallpaper is a cool and original alternative to classic wallpaper. The transposition of the image on one of the materials proposed by the VLAdiLA Wallpaper House is carried out in our own workshop.

Every room needs to have a focal point, whether one already exists in the architecture of the space (a large window or a fireplace) or whether you create it yourself with an accent wall, for example. You can do this very easily by using a wallpaper whose print stands out as easily as possible. Because you’ll only be covering part of the surface of the room’s walls, you have more freedom over the material it’s made of.

Personalised wallpaper for children

Designers can rewrite childhood stories, bringing together emotions, colour and shapes that make the rooms of little ones everywhere into dreamlike kingdoms.
It’s a world of stories for young and old alike. Because what could be more beautiful for a parent than to create that magical space where their child’s play and emotional development can take flight.

Another important aspect of custom wallpaper collections is the quality of the materials used, which meet the highest quality standards in the field. The material of the wallpaper backing and the paints are 100% environmentally friendly, making them perfect for children’s rooms. In addition, the adhesive is water-based.

Any new idea that can be turned into a new wallpaper pattern is a gift from you to the little ones.