Colectia de tapet Fine Lines

Fine Lines wallpaper collection

Fine Lines Collection – art, playfulness and refinement. The creative process guided us, this time, towards a theme rich in references from the classical art world, but at the same time playful and eccentric.

We decided to highlight, as focal points of the designs, the elements that are the skeleton of any design – the lines. I composed an amalgam of fine brush strokes, pencil lines and classic hatching, as well as intense dashes of marker or textured pastels.

The colour palette, complementary to the lines, highlights the artistic manifesto without overshadowing the main elements. Shades used include beige-grey, clay grey, linen and chamois shades, with accents of navy, mustard yellow or mint green.

We let ourselves be carried away by the wave of creativity and admired with childlike curiosity the works of famous artists such as Picasso, Jean Cocteau, Georges Braque, Matisse, Basquiat and Mondriane. We imagined a breeze, a curtain whose folds hide stray whispers and a music box that plays discordant but unctuous notes.

A lazy afternoon sunbeam peeks through the crack in the two old, yellowed French framed doors and settles on the woven linen carpet, worn through hundreds of white nights and cool mornings. A dream. A feerie. A fantasy.

casa de tapet vladila fine lines

Bistro Tapestry

On an evening stroll through the winding streets, you find yourself in front of a small Bistrot. It doesn’t have a name, but everyone knows how to find it, like a dream.

The plates you see through the window are art – a reflection of a grand past carried into the contemporary. The smell and music envelop you as soon as you open the door and you feel like you’re in another era.

The little place reveals its charm and the atmosphere around you is one that you find, as if through the prism of an old photograph.

The Bistrot model is a playful, naive interpretation of a precious dancing atmosphere. A series of anthropomorphic characters, outlined in fine lines, intertwine, giving the illusion of a buzzing, lively place full of conversations about everything and nothing at the same time. It’s a sensitive design that stands out with its story and supple lines.

The colour palette is a neutral one, with a textured beige background with small accents of mustard yellow and red. The model is one that lends itself both to a contemporary design, thanks to the delicate shades, and to a classic-style furnished interior, for a playful touch.

Oscar wallpaper

The Fine Lines collection is for us an appeal to creativity – to a naive and playful spirit, but at the same time inspired by modern art, worldliness and tending towards a style of contemporary sumptuousness. The abstract spirit of the Oscar model comes as a wrapping for a cinematic plot.

The seemingly chaotic lines outline a lively and colourful vision. A heated din, a buzz of voices mingling, a melange of strong feelings, curiosity, ecstasy and excitement. The anthropomorphic figures merge and transform with each glance.

The design is inspired by a dynamic scene with expressionistic shapes; a rich but balanced colour palette of dusty sage green and mustard yellow with hints of red, all on a textured beige grey background. The style in which this design has been approached makes the drawing look painterly, like a mural illustrated in pastels.

Rumors Beige Wallpaper

Buzz and energy. Whispers, conversations, whispers. Rumors is an eye-catching design with its play of lines and colours.

The interweaving of these gives a sense of movement and depth, and his story animates and brings it to life. The model illustrates an event – amidst the choice dishes and extravagant drinks, there are dozens of whispers, curiosities and confessions, secrets promised and shared.

The lines are smooth and graceful, and the colour palette, though in neutral shades, is dynamic and balanced. Tones of beige and coloured grey contrast with the black accents.

Rumors is a contemporary design, suited to a modern space with energy and character. It invites you to dance and revel and brings an air of contemporary luxury.

coloana fine lines

Fine Lines wallpaper collection

The collection celebrates the complexity of simple things. The line, the skeleton of any design, through its simplicity and delicacy, transforms and reinvents itself with each variation.

We chose to focus on a neutral colour palette and to highlight the designs in this collection through outline and sketch.

We were inspired by the rich detail and flourishes of ornamental stucco: an allegorical architectural element in terms of classical design, full of history and lush hues, often used in noble interiors.

Through the simplicity of a sketch, we have chosen to highlight this remarkable element both for its noble status and for the exquisite, artisanal process by which it is created.

The Stylograph Stucco model was designed with the idea of ennobling the ceiling of a room whose design is inspired by classicism, while passing easily through a contemporary filter. The centrepiece, the fine outline of a grand stuccowork, has a cement-like texture as a background – harmoniously illustrating the association of the two styles.

The textured background stands out for its small realistic details, irregularity and cracks, but does not overwhelm the central motif. The stucco, although outlined in a very delicate style, is enhanced by the contrast between its rounded, harmonious details and the rigid-looking background.

The Fine Lines wallpaper collection has its place in a curious and colourful interior design – as well as personality, expressing originality and creativity.

Designs such as Belle Richesse, Cherubin Stucco or Brindille Stucco are perfect for a classically inspired interior such as Baroque or Chippendale. They are based on sketches, delicately drawn stuccowork and fine, lost textures.

For contemporary styles such as Bauhaus, Art Moderne or Eclectic, we have created a selection of more playful, dreamy and whimsical designs such as Concerto, Anthropomorphic or Bistrot, with spontaneous lines, accents of effervescent colours and elements inspired by a midnight fantasy.

Longevity, eternity, love – Wisteria, or Wisteria, is a flower rich in history and symbolism. It is a flower that can live for more than 100 years, shading and protecting generations and bringing them wealth.

Through its longevity and abundance, Wisteria illustrates the power of getting through hard times and having hope, as well as the continuous expansion of human consciousness in contrast to the discipline of not getting lost in it.

Bearing the creative signature of the Fine Lines collection, the Glycine Pointe has a fine, delicate design, this time with classic inspiration.

The story of this pattern comes from the superimposition of a Stucco ornament with the playful and abundant branches of a wisteria. Stucco is a classic architectural element that ennobles this design, contrasting harmoniously with the flowering, rich wisteria crown.

The design has a neutral background that highlights the details of the sketch and the smoothness of the lines. The composition is balanced, harmonious, with a simple but comprehensive narrative thread: the wisteria which, with its bushy, thriving branches laden with positive symbolism, embraces and adorns the exquisite cornices and stuccowork, and creates a delicate and intimate moment.

Otto – a playful scenario, animated through a dramatic perspective. A theatrical character, whose absurd personality is outlined by slightly shaky, sincere lines, accentuated here and there by disordered shadows. Otto represents a part of the spirit of the Fine Lines collection – the part of him that is lost in thought, the part of him that is carried away by the wave of naive creativity that finds art from feeling and dreaming.

The design, although it has a severe outlook as a second main element, has an innocent and candid character. The lines are delicate in their imperfection, and the contrast between the background resembling a faded tab of paper and the accents of tan black give the pattern spaciousness.

It is a model suitable for a variety of interior design types – whether classic, contemporary or transitional. It can be the focal point of a simple, clean-lined, minimally decorated interior or it can be a perfect piece for a maximalist puzzle. The colour palette is neutral, non-invasive, with the focus mainly on composition and story.