Imitation/model marble wallpaper

Marble is one of the most precious natural materials. Its special properties and unique texture make it highly appreciated and loved in the world of interior design.

It is often used to finish floors, giving an original and luxurious look to rooms. The boldness of the designers has seen this material used for wall decoration, and the courage of our artists has seen this wonderful material printed on impressive pieces of wallpaper.

Marble wallpaper is a special piece that exudes elegance and sophistication and is meant to bring a touch of style into people’s homes. This wallpaper is suitable for decorating bathrooms, kitchens, but also for living rooms and hallways.

Which design is suitable for wallpaper imitating marble?

Wallpaper imitating marble has a clear, natural and clean look. Thanks to its simplicity it is easy to integrate into the home decor and goes well with a lot of colours.

The most suitable design for marble patterned wallpaper is the modern one, and it is even a representative element. This style is characterised by precise lines and a simple colour palette with neutral shades. Marble wallpaper is also suitable for the minimalist style, a derivative of the modern style.

Marble is a material that also blends perfectly into contemporary design, providing a touch of elegance and comfort in combination with other decorative elements.

Industrial style is not excluded either. Wallpaper imitating marble can be used in such a decor to create original accents in the room.

Bathroom design ideas with marble pattern wallpaper

The bathroom is one of the most useful and sophisticated rooms. It serves the whole family daily and creates the perfect ambience for both the beginning and end of the day.

Given the importance of the bathroom, it is essential that the design is also appropriate. Thus, wallpaper imitating marble is ideal to give a special touch to this room.

Why would you opt for wallpaper that imitates marble and not marble itself? It’s a very good question for which he has prepared a number of arguments:

  • Wallpaper is much less expensive than marble. It’s no secret that marble has a high price tag, whereas wallpaper is much more affordable;
  • Canvas wallpaper is specially designed for rooms with high humidity, so you won’t worry about durability;
  • Wallpaper can be easily changed whenever you want. If you’re bored with the way your bathroom looks and want to redecorate, you can always replace the existing model with a new one;
  • The photo wallpaper can be customised with the shades and accents you want in your bathroom. Thanks to our artists, you can always enjoy wallpaper specially designed to meet your needs and desires;
  • Marble is much harder to handle. Because of their weight, marble slabs require special handling and segmentation machinery. Instead, wallpaper can be configured to the size of your walls, without the extra worry;
  • The wallpaper can be adapted to any type of space and cuts can be made with precision.

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