Debit Card

Aesthetic Indesign accepts Visa and Mastercard. Payment is made by debit card. You will be redirected to the online payment processor we work with,, so that your payment is completely secure*. It is necessary to fill in all the data that asks for through the form (name, surname, card number, security code). After that, the amount of money is blocked in your account and you can check this. If you choose this payment method you will not be charged any additional transaction fees.

All online transactions are conducted over a secure internet connection and are encrypted while being processed. We do not store your card details. The processing of card data is done exclusively through MobilPay. For more details, visit Netopia payments.

Cash or Refunds

Cash payment is also known as reimbursement.  Payment will be made when the courier or Vladila team arrives with the goods at the requested delivery address.

Payment Order (PO)

Payment by money order is also known as payment by bank transfer. You will receive the payment details in your order confirmation email. We recommend that you send proof of payment to after completing the bank transfer. The bank transfer can be made via Internet Banking.