Summer looks just the way you want it to with the new line of custom sun loungers

This summer, VLAdiLA Wallpaper House invites you to bring forgotten emotions into the present with its new collection of custom-made lounge chairs. We started the summer season with a collection about and for teens. L’ete doux is about their free spirit, a spirit that still exists in all of us, regardless of age. To bring it back to life, all we have to do is strip off our adult masks and remember what we really want. What we need most. Or, in other words, what we have been missing, lately (weeks, years?).

Then we created a line of custom sun loungers. It seemed a natural continuation. A logical shift from contemplating the past to celebrating the present. From great feelings, to longing and wanting to spend some more time in their company.

 IBehind every product I create, first with a brush, on canvas, then with machines controlled by creative hands, there is a well-defined motivation. Besides the love of art and beauty, which is at the heart of every action we take, our ideas hide something else. A need, a dream, a missing piece of the puzzle, something waiting to be found, seen, felt, honoured and finally fulfilled. 

The perfect excuse to be "together"

For us, the deckchair is the perfect excuse to be together. And togetherness is a need so deeply hidden in the soul that we often forget about it. Perhaps, like so many other needs hidden under a bushel, we realize it when the impact of its absence is too great. When we feel the emptiness, but don’t know what it takes to fill it.

After two years of separation, many of us have realized that the only thing that can fill the void is fulfilling the need to be ‘together’. Together with us – really. Together with the Elements, away from the incessant noise of the city. Together with friends, old and new, with people who embrace us and wrap us in sincere smiles, appreciation and warmth. Along with what was important before life got serious. Along with our breath, with good music, with the passions we forgot about. Together with everything else it has the shape of that goal. Thus, VLAdiLA sun loungers are facilitators of ‘together’ moments.

What does "personalised sun loungers" mean?

But even though we’ve tried to consider most styles of furnishing, there will always be clients who dream of dressing their home in their own unique, hand-picked clothes. And we love the fact that the art we create gives people the opportunity to express themselves exactly the way they want.
Customised sun loungers mean that you can create a product that is by definition unique to your tastes and aesthetic needs. So, just like custom wallpaper, your story can be transformed into loungers for long, hot days or for warm nights spent around the campfire. All you have to do is choose an image, either from our wallpaper collections, from various online bookstores or from your personal collection. Then contact us by phone, email or visit us in our workshop in str. Ciobanasului, from Bucharest. One of our designers will be at your disposal to determine all the details of the project. Later we will place the order and the summer with VLAdiLA can begin.

One sun lounger for every style of interior design

You have probably already seen on our website the page dedicated to our new sun lounger collection. We chose wallpaper patterns and turned them into fabric that serves as a backing for the loungers. We have selected prints from all our collections so that we can satisfy as many tastes as possible. So, if your home is decorated in a minimalist style, you can opt for a model such as “Abstract Vibes” or “Emotional Brush”. However, if you prefer something more elegant, you may feel that the ‘Guardian’ or the impressive ‘La Veque Tower Green’ would suit you better. As for those for whom life is all about colour and the word ‘eclectic’ describes both their home and their personality, we recommend vibrant lounge chairs such as ‘The Mastic Game’, ‘Waghoba Buttermilk’ or ‘Cheerfulness’.

Where can you use VLAdiLA custom sun loungers?

          Where you haven’t been in a long time. Maybe it’s the Romanian coast, on a wild beach, still undiscovered by many tourists. With friends, a partner or a relative or maybe even alone. Maybe you woke up before everyone else because your heart told you to let the waves sing to you. Early morning, before sunrise. You get dressed and find you still have time to make coffee. Then you take the sezong with you and head out to sea. Undo it and sit down. Suddenly, you’re the only viewer at a short film. You’re looking at the biggest screen, which doesn’t even end at the point where the sea and sky meet. The hot coffee contrasts with the cold, salty air. When the sun starts to rise, you don’t even know you’re smiling. You don’t realize how much you missed this feeling, how much you actually missed the simplicity, the joy, the innocence of a sunrise.

Or maybe you’re in the mountains, and the tall trees are stealing the last rays of sunlight of the day. A few friends light the fire, and you go and get your guitar and then sit, quietly, on the deckchair. Away from them, a few chords are twinkling from your fingertips. Curious, you let them flow, you let them lead you where they will.

Without realizing it, you’re singing the song of the forest. Of the damp earth and the beetles it brings to life. You sing the song of the stars and of the eyes that watch you, from time to time, from afar. Song of fresh air, of healing herbs. Song sung by the body that breathes in unison with everything around it. And when the spell is broken, and the strings have left their marks on your fingerprints, you open your eyes. All your friends have pulled up their deckchairs next to you. Your song has passed through everyone and touched something hidden, unnoticed. You get the silence that has been left as the ultimate praise. You receive it, with gratitude and modesty, because you know that in fact, today, the forest has sung, through you.

VLAdiLA personalised sun loungers