Wallpaper maintenance tips:

                 When it comes to decorating walls, wallpaper is still the best option. VLAdiLA offers you a wide range of wallpaper types, in intense, vibrant or pale and elegant colours and shades, with classic, modern and especially creative designs, your choice is sure to be the right one for your home.

                Choosing wallpaper to change the decor in a room comes with a number of advantages, including the fact that applying it to the wall is simple, quick and highly effective. The application is done without much hassle. The wallpaper will provide a perfect finish, without variations in colour shade, the pattern of the wallpaper will always be more sophisticated and pleasing, decorations can never be achieved by using paint or classic lime.

                In order not to deteriorate over time, wallpaper needs maintenance to last longer. With a little attention to maintenance and proper care, wallpaper can last for years.

You can extend the life of your wallpaper in this way:

▪️ To keep wallpaper looking “like new” for as long as possible, it is best to avoid cleaning it if it is not really necessary.
▪️ Don’t “wash” all the wallpaper every time you clean the house, this avoids premature ageing.
▪️ For small stains, try removing them without water. Use a good quality school eraser to get rid of moderate dirt stains. If the eraser doesn’t work, use a soft sponge dampened in lukewarm water, very well wrung out, so as not to over-wet the wallpaper.
▪️ Adding detergent to the water is only necessary in the case of stubborn grease, fruit or marker stains, when you will use a soft sponge dipped in warm water, very well wrung out, with gentle, non-pressing movements. Avoid laundry detergent because it dissolves more slowly and tends to leave whitish stains. Carpet or upholstery cleaner is also used, but very diluted. Before use try it in a less visible corner.
▪️ Any type of detergent that contains chlorine, descaling substances or abrasive particles cannot be used on wallpaper, whether paper or textile wallpaper. Only use detergents that don’t attack surfaces and don’t leave stains, i.e. dishwashing detergent, carpet and upholstery cleaner, possibly liquid soap.

What to avoid for long wallpaper life:

▪️ Don’t put wallpaper on unhealthy walls in your home that have moisture or damp.
▪️ If the walls have mould it is recommended to treat and remove it before applying wallpaper.
▪️ If the wallpaper is fitted correctly there is no risk of mould or other pests.
▪️ If you wash wallpaper, avoid over-washing, which can cause it to peel off the wall.
▪️ If you wash wallpaper, do not use chlorine-based detergents or abrasive particles.

With these simple wallpaper care tips, your wallpaper will last a long time in your home, ensuring a pleasant atmosphere and unique design 🙂