Wallpaper with cloud pattern

Who says that the bedroom or the room you relax in can’t make you feel as close to nature as possible? Cloud wallpaper is one of the decor elements that helps create this feeling.

Cloud wallpaper is most often used in children’s or free-spirited bedroom design. This doesn’t mean it can’t be adapted for the living room, dining room or even the kitchen. It’s all about the imagination and courage of the design thinker.

VLAdiLA offers a whole range of rugs with natural elements, from clouds to flowers, birds and trees.

How do you decorate a room with cloud wallpaper?

If you’re always dreamy and head in the clouds, as they say, then why not have a sky and clouds decor right in your bedroom?

Studies show that when the bedroom is decorated in a modern style and warm colours, sleep becomes better and more peaceful. A clear sky with a few fluffy white clouds is sure to give you that moment of peace and relaxation before you drift off to sleep.

To make the most of this pattern, you can choose to put the cloud wallpaper on the wall in front of the bed, if it is left open without furniture. Another bold idea is to put it on the ceiling so you can look at it every time you lie down. Just like outdoors.

Wallpaper with skies, clouds, stars or planets is also a good idea for children’s rooms. It can spark their curiosity for nature and can even make them happy on days when they just stay indoors.

Cloud wallpaper can also be integrated into the living room, perhaps even on the wall with the sofa or in the dining area next to the table.

Why buy VLAdiLA wallpaper?

At VLAdiLA we try to combine a love of art with attention to product quality. That’s why all wallpaper designs are made from environmentally friendly materials that are also durable over time.

In addition to the quality aspects, each design is unique and designed to tell a story and convey a passion for art. However, if you don’t find a wallpaper to your taste among our collections, we offer the possibility to create your own wallpaper. Let your imagination run wild and tell us what you’d like to buy.

The manufacturing steps are carried out using modern equipment and techniques, resulting in a very special end product.

It is also an advantage that we offer full professional services. From creation to production and editing, you can leave everything to the specialists in our team. You just have to choose the pattern and enjoy the final effect.

Natural style products

Cloud wallpaper is just one of the designs in the Natural Elements collection, which is why we’ve put together a list to discover more. Choose your favourite item that will perfectly complement the design of your room!